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Afra Bianchin (1927-2011) and Tobia Scarpa (1935-) formed one of the most prolific and talented designers duo of their generation.

Tobia was the son of the illustrious Venetian architect, Carlo Scarpa, a deep influence on the couple.

Having graduated from the Universita Iuav di Venezia in 1957, they soon opened a design office in Montebelluna.

One of their first successes was the Bastiano sofa they created for the innovative firm of Dino Gavina.

Many collaborations followed with the most prominent companies such as B&B Italia, for whom they made the Coronado sofa,

or Cassina who produced the Soriana. This model earned them the Compasso d’Oro award in 1970.

Deeply engaged with modernism while not renouncing comfort and esthetics, they often based their work upon the possibilities of new materials and producing techniques.

With Cassina, they were among the first to understand the potential of polyurethane, used as a structural element in the case of the Ciprea armchair (1968). The solid foam would allow to remove the internal frame.

But they were also able to combine formal experimentation with traditional craftsmanship. In this spirit they were involved in the Maxalto line, created in 1975.

This division of B&B Italia specialized in a small production of very high quality furniture, as for the Artona serie, an icon of 70s design.

In parallel, the pair also produced numerous architectural projects often in their Venetian home region. Their long lasting relationship with Benetton allowed them to build factories, offices, shops for the company. They also renovated historical buildings, the Palazzo della Ragione in Verona among those.

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