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Mogens Koch (1898-1992)


Born in Copenhagen, Mogens Koch studied at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in the 1920s. Among his teachers was the influential Kaare Klint, the father of modern Danish furniture design.

Having graduated, he joined Kaare Klint, Carl Petersen and Ivar Bentsen in their architecture company. There he developed his interpretation of danish functionalism tradition.

In 1934, Koch opened his own studio.

Among his famous designs are the square book cases he created in 1928 for his own home and produced by Rud. Rasmussen.

From 1950 to 1968, Mogens Koch returned to the Royal Danish Academy of Arts, but this time as a professor.

He received the Cabinet-Makers’ Guild annual prize in 1964 and the Danish Furniture Manufacturers Association’s Furniture Award in 1982.

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