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Natasha Sumant and Matang, Roshnee

Natasha Sumant and Matang, Roshnee

Natasha Sumant and Matang




The circular and concave white marble shade decorated with dyed cotton rope supported with an indigo dyed wood stem on a white marble cylindrical base.


Roshnee in Hindi means light, and the form reflects the yellow  luminescence of the tropical light of the subcontinent. This floor lamp is designed to illuminate the space in an indirect way, creating the atmosphere of an eclipse where the light goes through the white marble revealing its imperfections.


White marble from Makrana, a district in Rajasthan, the marble of the Taj Mahal was used as a tribute to the Mughal tradition of marble carving.

The temple sculptors have been transmitting their knowledge of this craft through many generations. By working with them, Natasha Sumant and Matang attempted to implement generations of traditional Indian knowledge and heritage craft, to a contemporary representation of the culture.


The central stem is dyed with indigo, one of the first plants India was colonized for.


Drawing from natural dyeing techniques in Assam, three key materials were combined to build the rope color palette : turmeric, madder root, and annatto seeds, all spices essential to the colonial trade.


Contemporary production.



Height : 100 cm (39.37 in.)

Width : 15 cm (5.90 in.)

Depth : 7 cm (2.75 in.)

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