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Joe Colombo, Coupé

Joe Colombo, Coupé

Joe Colombo (1930-1971)


Model 2202, « Coupé »


A table lamp with a white lacquered aluminium shade attached

to a chrome steel pole on a white lacquered circular metal base.

The back of the shade features a thin slit which creating a light ray.

Manufactured by Oluce, Milan.





Height : 40 cm (15in.3/4)

Diameter : 23 cm (9 in.)



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The Coupé series received the International Design Award from the American Institute of Interior Designers in Chicago in 1968.

The Coupé series, inspired by the Spider series, goes further in Colombo’s research in modular lighting systems.

One Coupé floor lamp belongs to the MOMA collections of modern design in New York.

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