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Hiort af Ornäs, Studio

Hiort af Ornäs, Studio

Carl Gustav Hiort af Ornäs (1911-1996), « Studio », A pair of sofas


A pair of sofas, each with a wood frame, the back decorated with brown leather stripes.

The cushions upholstered with a Bisson-Bruunel fabric.

Produced by Puunveisto.


Circa 1954.



Height : 72 cm (28 in.1/2)

Width : 180 cm (71 in.)

Depth : 72 cm (28 in.1/2)

Height of seat : 35 cm (13 in.3/4)



Anna-Kaisa Huusko & Johannes Wilenius, Hiort af Ornäs, Master of form, Fasetti, 2016, pp.61, 82, 144-145.

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