Furniture / Bodil Kjaer, A very rare desk

Bodil Kjaer, Très rare bureau
Bodil Kjaer, Très rare bureauBodil KjaerBodil KjaerBodil KjaerBodil KjaerBodil KjaerBodil KjaerBodil KjaerBodil Kjaer



Bodil Kjaer (b.1932)


A very rare executive desk


Comprising a free-standing rosewood rectangular desk with chromium-plated steel frame, the legs joined under the top by a rosewood panel, the top with four integrated drawers

With a matching rosewood cabinet on wheels. 

Manufactured by E. Pedersen & Søn.


Label of the company.

Circa 1960.





The desk

Height : 73 cm (29 in.)

Width : 200 cm (79 in.)

Depth : 100 cm (39 in.)


The cabinet

Height : 48,5 cm (19 in.)

Width : 44 cm (17 in.1/3)

Depth : 61 cm (24 in.)





This variant with an underneath panel was never seen until now.


In 1959, Bodil Kjær worked in Boston and there she made the first sketches for the writing desk and additive units. 

Conceived as a whole office system to fulfill the needs of the new working environment of the period, its functionalist design and mobile units allow modularity and agility while retaining elegance and lightness.


The table got a lot of attention from the media, among others "The New York Times", and "The Sunday Times". 

It was soon to become an iconic piece of design as it was part of the set in some of the first James Bond movies: "From Russia with love" and "You only live twice". Among the buyers were actor Michael Caine, jazz pianist Oscar Peterson, the politician Clement Freud, the financier Evelyn Rothschild and Prince Philip. The table was also delivered to government officials in the EU headquarters in Brussels.





Mobilia 1961.

E. Pedersen and Sons A/S, manufacturer’s catalog.



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